Class MailerConfigurable

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MailerConfigurable
extends java.lang.Object
implements Configurable

Configurable for the mailer. This contains a GUI for configuring all values directly affecting the mailer.


 $Log:,v $
 Revision 1.6  2001/06/22 10:16:02  jiriki
 Inserted AboutBox

 Revision 1.5  2001/06/04 14:21:10  jiriki
 Made source more comliant to coding guidelines.

 Revision 1.4  2001/05/30 10:25:51  jiriki
 Refactored Client.

 Revision 1.3  2001/05/22 10:16:02  jiriki
 - Removed old unused Client class
 - Removed unused import statements.

 Revision 1.2  2001/05/09 10:02:44  betacarotine
 Removed Bug 421326.

 Revision  2001/04/29 18:05:18  jiriki
 Imported sources from zola.

 Revision 1.7  2001/04/29 16:50:44  wombat
 Added ExceptionHandlers

 Revision 1.6  2001/04/27 11:27:28  login
 Added SerialVersionID to Configurables.

 Revision 1.5  2001/04/24 23:19:22  wombat
 - Implemented I18N features of server
 - Implemented actions for Admin Client
 - Other changes is AdminClient

 Revision 1.4  2001/04/23 13:23:54  wombat
 Updated Documentation

 Revision 1.3  2001/04/22 20:26:18  wombat
 - I18N Admin Client.
 - Made Admin Client a little bit more compliant to the 
   Java Look And Feel Design Guidelines.

 Revision 1.2  2001/04/11 17:40:49  wombat
 Updated Documentation.

 Revision 1.1  2001/04/09 17:55:27  wombat
 Mail Interface Konfiguration eingefügt.


$Revision: 1.6 $ ($Date: 2001/06/22 10:16:02 $)
Jan-Ole Janssen, Niklas Mehner, Time Sticher
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static long serialVersionUID
          Serial version id.
Constructor Summary
MailerConfigurable(MailerInterface mailer)
          Creates a new MailerConfigurable.
Method Summary
 javax.swing.JPanel getConfigurationPanel(ActionRelayManager relayManager)
          Returns the mailer configuration panel.
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Field Detail


public static final long serialVersionUID
Serial version id.
Constructor Detail


public MailerConfigurable(MailerInterface mailer)
Creates a new MailerConfigurable.
mailer - Mailer interface that should be configured.
Method Detail


public javax.swing.JPanel getConfigurationPanel(ActionRelayManager relayManager)
Returns the mailer configuration panel.
Specified by:
getConfigurationPanel in interface Configurable
relayManager - ActionRelayManager all componenents responding to menu actions have to register with.
The mailer configuration panel.