Class ActionRelayManager


public class ActionRelayManager
extends java.lang.Object

The action concept of swing does not include the possibility, that actions are dispatched to different components base on the current focus. This class implements means to create actions, that are disabled, when the currently focused component does not know the action and enabled when the focused component knows the action. Only CRelayedActions can be added to the ActionRelayManager. Also all components, that want to use this feature have to register with the ActionRelayManager.


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 Revision 1.2  2001/06/27 19:09:18  jiriki
 Resolved minor bugs. Updated docs.

 Revision 1.1  2001/05/30 10:25:51  jiriki
 Refactored Client.

 Revision 1.2  2001/05/22 16:05:24  jiriki
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$Revision: 1.2 $ ($Date: 2001/06/27 19:09:18 $)
Niklas Mehner

Constructor Summary
ActionRelayManager(java.awt.Window parent)
          Create a new ActionRelayManager.
Method Summary
 void addFocusActionMap(java.awt.Component component, javax.swing.ActionMap actions)
          Register a component with the manager.
 void addRelayedAction(CRelayedAction action)
          Register a CRelayedAction with the Manager.
 void setActionMap(javax.swing.ActionMap actions)
          Set the currently active action map.
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Constructor Detail


public ActionRelayManager(java.awt.Window parent)
Create a new ActionRelayManager.
parent - Window the manager is created for.
Method Detail


public void addRelayedAction(CRelayedAction action)
Register a CRelayedAction with the Manager. When a component is focused, the setActions() method of the action is called with the actions of the component.
action - Action to register.


public void addFocusActionMap(java.awt.Component component,
                              javax.swing.ActionMap actions)
Register a component with the manager.
component - Component to register.
actions - Array of actions the component can handle.


public void setActionMap(javax.swing.ActionMap actions)
Set the currently active action map.
actions - The actionMap.