Package contains all classes representing the entities that belong to a game of Bridge.


Interface Summary
Game This is the interface to a game of Bridge as it is seen by the Client.
GameContainer Interface that has to be implemented by components that contain a game.
GameListener The listener interface for receiving Game events.
GamePhase A phase of the game.

Class Summary
AfterGame The base class for results of a game of bridge.
Alert An Alert object is used, to give the players a chance to discuss the implications of an alert.
Bid This class is the super class of all bids or announcements that happen in a bidding phase except "stop" or "alert".
Bidding This class handles the bidding sequence which is the first phase in a game of Bridge.
Board This class represents a board of cards.
Card This class represents a card.
CardList List of cards.
Contract Abstract Contract.
DoubleBid This class represents a double bid.
GameAdapter An abstract adapter class for receiving game events.
GameImpl This class implements a nice game of Bridge.
NoContract This Contract indicates that there is no contract (passed four times at the beginning of the bidding).
NormalResult This class is used as result for games that have been finished normally (it got finished after the 13 tricks had been played, time was not exceeded).
PassBid This class represents a pass announcement.
PassedThroughResult This result is used if the playing phase of the game did not take place because every player passed in the first round of the bidding.
PercentageResult This result is used if no absolute valuation can be made but rather a percentaged one (e.g. 60% - 40% if the amount of maximum time per game was exceeded).
Player This class represents a player who is either playing a game of Bridge or waiting at a table for three other players to have a game of Bridge together.
Players This class handles the four players who are playing the same game of Bridge.
Playing This class implements the playing of the cards in game of Bridge.
ProxyGameListener The proxy listener for the game listener interface.
RedoubleBid This class represents a redouble bid.
Result This is the base class of results of games of Bridge.
StopWatch Implements a StopWatch for the game.
SuitBid This class represents a suit bid.
SuitContract A contract to play a suit.
TimeExceedResult The class for results of games whcih had to be terminated because the time absorbed by the four players exceeded the maximum amount of time per game.
Trick This class implements a trick in a game of Bridge.

Exception Summary
FirstTrickException This exception is thrown if a player wants to get information about the cards currently on the table -- which always have to be one to four (1 .. 4) cards -- and no card has been played yet.
IncompleteTrickException Thrown if the winner of an incomplete trick is to be determined.
InvalidBidException This class is an exception class which is thrown if an invalid bid was inserted into the bidding sequence.
InvalidCardException This exception is thrown if a client tries to play a card that he doesn't have or that he isn't allowed to play regarding to the rules of Bridge.
InvalidGameStateException This Exception is thrown when a method in a game is called, that may only be called in a different state.
TrickException Thrown if the server is in bad mood.

Package Description contains all classes representing the entities that belong to a game of Bridge.