Class TableView

All Implemented Interfaces:
javax.accessibility.Accessible, java.util.EventListener, java.awt.image.ImageObserver, LookAndFeelChangeListener, java.awt.MenuContainer,

public class TableView
extends GameView

The TableView extends the GameView to display additional information. This includes player names, watchers and a rubber score table. After each game the table displays a dialog showing the result of the last game.


 $Log:,v $
 Revision 1.29  2001/08/21 11:48:06  madmanmoon
 Windows Look And Feel Bug resolved in LookAndFeelManager,
 ContractComponent clears double/redouble,
 menu item and dialog for starting computer players added.

 Revision 1.28  2001/07/24 12:45:18  madmanmoon
 MainWindow extends CWindow instead of CDialog now.

 Revision 1.27  2001/07/20 14:37:08  jiriki
 Fixed Bug 440605

 Revision 1.26  2001/07/17 09:19:14  jiriki
 Fixed Bug 440612.

 Revision 1.25  2001/07/13 10:49:04  jiriki
 Started fix for Bugs 440155 and 440333.

 Revision 1.24  2001/07/04 12:34:30  uid30828
 - Rubber score implemented
 - Inviting now working

 Revision 1.23  2001/06/27 11:16:20  tanni
 Finished Play Now.

 Revision 1.22  2001/06/25 14:49:13  jiriki
 - Added better Exception handling to the client
 - Removed unused source

 Revision 1.21  2001/06/22 15:06:09  jiriki
 Started Implementation of invite

 Revision 1.20  2001/06/22 13:24:32  jiriki
 Implemented kicking

 Revision 1.19  2001/06/15 15:24:56  jiriki
 Leaving table now possible.

 Revision 1.18  2001/06/15 15:01:12  jiriki
 Cards are displayed after game

 Revision 1.17  2001/06/15 14:20:30  jiriki
 Trying to Display result

 Revision 1.16  2001/06/15 13:42:30  jiriki
 Tricks are displayed during the game.

 Revision 1.15  2001/06/14 14:41:01  jiriki
 Code maintanance
 (Updated docs, removed unused code, improved code style)


$Revision: 1.29 $ ($Date: 2001/08/21 11:48:06 $)
Jan-Christian Marinesse, Niklas Mehner
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Field Summary
static java.lang.String INVITE
static java.lang.String KICK
static java.lang.String LEAVE
static java.lang.String START_COMPUTER_PLAYER
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CLAIM, playHistory
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Constructor Summary
TableView(MainWindow parent, Foyer foyer, int direction, boolean isPublic)
          Creates a new table view.
TableView(MainWindow parent, Table table, int direction)
          Joins a given table and creates a view for it.
Method Summary
 javax.swing.ActionMap getNamedActionsMap()
          Returns a map of actions, this component can perform.
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addTab, createActions, getCardPane, getGame, getParentDialog, getPreferredSize, isDeclarer, isDummy, removeTab, setCards, setChatChannel, setDirection, setGame, toOrientation
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getViewContainer, lookAndFeelChanged, setViewContainer
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getAccessibleContext, getUIClassID, paramString, updateUI
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String LEAVE


public static final java.lang.String INVITE


public static final java.lang.String KICK


public static final java.lang.String START_COMPUTER_PLAYER
Constructor Detail


public TableView(MainWindow parent,
                 Foyer foyer,
                 int direction,
                 boolean isPublic)
          throws UserAlreadyPlayingException
Creates a new table view. This view also creates a new table.
parent - Parent dialog of this component.
foyer - Foyer the table is created in.
direction - Direction the table is joined in (One of the constants Player.NORTH, Player.EAST, Player.SOUTH or Player.WEST)
isPublic - Wether this table is public (visible in the table list)
UserAlreadyPlayingException - If the user is already playing at another table or in another tournament.


public TableView(MainWindow parent,
                 Table table,
                 int direction)
          throws UserAlreadyPlayingException,
Joins a given table and creates a view for it.
parent - Parent dialog of this component.
table - Table that is joined.
direction - Direction the table is joined in (One of the constants Player.NORTH, Player.EAST, Player.SOUTH or Player.WEST)
UserAlreadyPlayingException - If the user is already playing at another table or in another tournament.
TableSeatTakenException - If the table seat is already taken.
Method Detail


public javax.swing.ActionMap getNamedActionsMap()
Description copied from class: View
Returns a map of actions, this component can perform. This method has to be overriden by all views. The names are used to bind menu items etc. to actions in the view, without ''hard-wiring'' them.
getNamedActionsMap in class GameView
Following copied from class: de.kosi.gui.view.View
ActionMap for this View.