Package de.kosi.gui.swing

A package of extended swing classes.


Interface Summary
CWindow An interface to simplify the handling of the different window classes of swing.

Class Summary
CActionMap An extension of @see javax#swing#ActionMap.
CButton An extension of javax.swing.JButton.
CCheckBox An extension of javax.swing.JCheckBox.
CComboBox Incomplete.
CDialog An extension of javax.swing.JDialog.
CFrame An extension of javax.swing.JFrame.
CInfoText A class that shows an informative text.
CLabel Localized JLabel.
CMenu Localized JMenu.
CMenuItem Localized JMenuItem.
CPopupMenu Localized JPopupMenu.
CRadioButton Localized JRadioButton.
CRadioButtonMenuItem Localized JRadioButtonMenuItem.
CScrollPane Localized JScrollPane.
CTabbedPane Localized JTabbedPane.
CToggleButton An extension of javax.swing.JToggleButton.

Package de.kosi.gui.swing Description

A package of extended swing classes.