Class ProxyChatListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
ChatListener, java.util.EventListener, java.rmi.Remote

public class ProxyChatListener
extends java.lang.Object
implements ChatListener

This class implements a proxy for the ChatListener. Proxy classes are needed, because the server is not allowed to download code from the client. Therefore no arbitrary classes can be added as listeners. A proxy class does nothing, but forwards all calls to another ChatListener.

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Constructor Summary
ProxyChatListener(ChatListener l)
          Creates a new ProxyChatListener.
Method Summary
 void handleEvent(ChatEvent event)
          This method handles ChatEvents.
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Constructor Detail


public ProxyChatListener(ChatListener l)
Creates a new ProxyChatListener.
l - the ChatListener, all events are forwarded to.
Method Detail


public void handleEvent(ChatEvent event)
                 throws java.rmi.RemoteException
This method handles ChatEvents. All Events are forwarded to another ChatListener.
Specified by:
handleEvent in interface ChatListener
event - the event to be handled.
java.rmi.RemoteException - If the listener, the calls are forwarded to, throws a RemoteException.