KoSI KoSI Bridge
Version 0.3



Using the KoSI Bridge Server

Before starting the server for the first time, you should add an administration user. This can be done by invoking the admin script.
  ./admin system password e@mail.com true
After you have done this, start the server using the 'server' script. Now you can start the administration client (using the 'admin' script) and adjust various settings. To allow people to register new accounts, the mail-server and server e-mail address in the Mail-Tabbed Pane have to contain valid values. The initial maximum number of users is 0. You have to change this, to allow users to log into the server.
Using the KoSI Bridge Client

You can start the client by executing the 'client' script.
Using KoSI Bridge with WebStart

Java WebStart allows users to start the Bridge Client by clicking on a link. To allow this, simply start the internal WebServer using the Administration-Client. After the WebServer is started you can view the starting page at http://server-hostname:8080.
Using the KoSI Bridge Computer Client

The computer client is started by invoking the 'computer-player' script.
Building KoSI Bridge

First get a version from CVS (see http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=25614 for more information). After that you can build KoSI Bridge using the 'build' script. To build the complete distribution use './build dist'. For other build targets see the 'build.xml' file.

The KoSI Sourcecode itself is distributed under the GPL. You can find all licenses, of products, that are used within KoSI Bridge in the license directory.